Fringe Season 5 (2012)

Walter discloses to Peter, Astrid and Etta that September had created a plan to defeat The Observers in the future, but he partitioned Walter's memory to protect the information from The Observers. They look for Olivia and find the possible location covered with amber but cut for the removal of the trapped people. Etta explains that there is a black-market where amber gypsies use to sell people encased in amber. They find that the buyer of Olivia is the librarian Edward Markham that has a crush on her. They head to his apartment to rescue Olivia, but the black market dealer warns The Observers about the group. They head to the building but Peter, Astrid and Etta flee with the encased Olivia in a van. But Walter is captured and taken to Captain Windmark for interrogation. What will happen to Walter?